Thursday, June 9, 2011

Centerpieces and Kate Middleton

I'm back!! Sorry for being absent for so long...we did not have internet in our apartment for 10 days, but now we are back in business:) Over the last couple weeks my mom and I came up with a wonderful idea on what the centerpieces for half of the tables will be at the reception. I don't want every table to look the same so we are doing two different table-scapes. I was having a hard time zoning in on what exactly I wanting my wedding to look like so a couple weekends ago I was laying out with my mom, aunt and mom's friend Donna and they told me to just name off some words that appealed to me. Here is what I came up with:

Romantic, Kate Middleton, Ornate, Elegant, French, Candlelit

If you are wondering where the heck Kate Middleton came from it is because I am completely obsessed with her! When all the buzz startled circulating around after her engagement to Prince William I was told from so many people how much I looked like her. I, of course, ate it up! She can be found multiple times scattered around Clint and I's apartment.

This is on our entry table by the front door. I recieved this book from Clint's mom for Christmas! She loves Kate Middleton as much as I do and was the first one to put it in my head that I looked like her!

This is in our bathroom and unfortunately has to be BEHIND the door because Clint refuses to let anyone see it (I cannot imagine why ;))

Ok back to the wedding...

After brainstorming we thought that it would look really pretty to have black candelabra centerpieces with flowers in them and maybe a candle in one of them. My wedding colors are black, ivory with a hint of a light teal. I think it is going to look so beautiful!! Now if only I can think of what flowers to use!! Here is a picture of our inspiration for the centerpieces, it won't look exactly like this but somewhat.

Question: Does anyone have any suggestions as to what flowers would look good in a black candelabra?

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