Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

I cannot believe that Christmas is in THREE days! Where did the time go? It doesn't feel as Christmas-y this year since it really hasn't been that cold outside. Sometimes I wish the weather here in Texas was the same as Colorado (but only for the month of December).

Thank goodness I have completed all of my Christmas shopping and I am so eager for Clint, my family and his family to open their gifts! I get so excited watching people open up gifts especially if they are from me :)

The presents I got Clint this year are so great because I KNOW he will love each one and he has no idea what I have been up to ;) I am a sneaky elf!

I think the best part about the Christmas season for me is getting to be at home with my family and hang out with them everyday. They are perfect company...we are always laughing and having so much fun together. I am so blessed. Our house is decorated so beautifully for Christmas I just like to lay on the couch and stare at the Christmas tree. My parents decided to make a "Longhorn Tree" this year complete with only burnt orange and white ornaments and a couple Texas Longhorn ornaments thrown in there. They are die hard Longhorn fans (obviously). Here is a picture of our Bevo-ed tree...

Here a couple more pictures of our house right now:

My mom got Clint a stocking this year, so he is officially a part of our family:) His is next to mine (the zebra/leopard one).

Look how sweet Belle is? She has been playing non-stop with my brother's dog/her bff Cali.

This is Belle's partner in crime, Cali:

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Engagement Photo Shoot

After 10 months of being engaged Clint and I are finally getting our engagement photos taken! I am soooo excited for many reasons but mainly because the photographer is none other than my bff Nina! Nina blogs too so make sure you check out her blog!

The photos we take tomorrow are super important because we are using them mainly for our Save the Dates as well as framing them and putting one on each table at our reception :)

I talked to Nina a little earlier and she invisions it as a Mary Poppins meets 1930's glamour feel. It's funny because I feel like I know exactly what she is talking about and it fits me perfectly.

These pictures are my inspiration to get in photo-shoot ready mode tomorrow:) I am thinking cool umbrellas and Clint in a suit!

Oh, one minor setback is there is a chance of rain for tomorrow:( Please pray that it doesn't happen because it has been SO hard to plan this because Clint and Travis (Nina's husband) work all the time so tomorrow worked out perfectly. I really hope it doesn't rain so I can get this part of my pre-wedding activities checked off my list!

Love ya'll!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Footloose Movie Review

I know that this movie came out a little bit ago but Clint and I just saw it and loved it!

I am a person who LOVES music, I always have Pandora playing and my stations range from Brad Paisley to Frank Sinatra. (I also have a Christmas station that I play year round).

A couple nights before we went to see the new Footloose I found out that Clint had never seen the original one starring Kevin Bacon. Since I am a lover of all classic 1980's movies I told him I owned it and we watched it.

Even though the movie is a tad corny I think it's great. The only thing about the original I don't like is Ariel. For some reason she gets on my nerves!

Honestly, going into the new movie I did not have that high of expectations since remakes usually are never better than the original.

The 2011 Footloose stars Kenny Wormald as Ren and Julianne Hough as Ariel. Something that the 2011 version did differently was cast two professional dancers as the leads. I think this really paid off for them because their dancing was amazing!

Also, they looked super cute together in every scene :)

Also, Julianne Hough did a great job as Ariel. For one, she did not get on my nerves and I actually really loved her. Secondly, I was pretty impressed with her acting ability. She hasn't been in that many movies and she had some difficult scenes that I thought she did flawlessly.

One character who stole the show in the old and new Footloose was definitley Willard!

Miles Teller plays Willard in this movie and he was so funny. Even Clint laughed at almost all of his scenes. If anything, he is 70% the reason you should go see it.

Another thing I loved about this movie was the incorporation of classic scenes from the old Footloose. First, being Ren's classic yellow beetle.

Another was the dance scene with Ren in the warehouse. It was a toss up between who did it better, Kevin or Kenny. I still don't really know because they both some really unique choreography.

The best part of the movie was definitley the last scene with all the kids at their dance. The music is awesome and of course so is the dancing. I literally was dancing in my seat!

So put on your Sunday shoes and go see it! :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Wedding Bands

Did you miss me?

Today Clint and I went to several different jewelry places to try and find us each a wedding band.


Clint knew exactly what he was looking for: a thick, white gold plain band. And that is exactly what we found at James Avery. He found his absolute perfect ring and he is really excited about it, and so am I! :) I loved the way he looks in a wedding ring and I cannot wait until he gets to wear it everyday...."foooorEVVVVER".

Click this if you don't get my "foooorEVVVVER" reference

So the wedding band I had in mind was kind of the same concept. Just a very delicate, white gold, plain band like my home girl Kate Middleton has. The thing is, when I tried it on it did nothing for me.

The next one I tried on was a wedding band that matched my band almost perfectly!

The third option was actually two bands that you put your engagement ring in the middle of. They then fuse all three bands together to make an entirely different ring. The result was a lot of bling! In the picture there are spaces between the bands, but if I end up choosing this one they will all be one.

I honestly have no idea which one to get. It really is a tough decision and I want to make sure I absolutely love it. Maybe its me being overly emotional but I don't like the fact that on the 3rd one I can never have my original ring back. The ring Clint got down on a knee with in the snow...I don't want to have a "new" ring. Is that weird?

Clint's favorite is the 2nd one but it's still up in the air!

Which one do you think looks the best?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Going With YOUR Gut

Happy Friday everyone!! I am ready for the weekend after a super busy week at school. I am especially excited for this weekend because tomorrow is my future brother-in-law, Cody's "God Bless Cody" Party! He joined the Army and is leaving next month. It is definitely bittersweet because we all know how extremely passionate he is about going and he is fulfilling a life-long dream to join the Army and eventually be a Green Baret. BUT, I know that everyone is very sad to see him go:( He is sooo funny and always a joy to be around. Clint's mom says it best with "He is everyone's favorite person". It is so true, I don't think Cody has one enemy because everyone who meets him just loves him. I am the official photographer at the party tomorrow so I know I will get some great pictures.

On a wedding note.......I picked my dress........again.

A couple of months ago I thought I found "the one". I put it on and everyone burst into tears and I will never forget that moment. It is what every bride dreams of right? Putting on a wedding dress and your mom and friends eyes fill with water and they all can't get over how gorgeous you are. Yes, I loved that feeling and having my mom and best friends Allie and Ashley cry was very special. Heck, even I burst into tears after seeing them all crying. But, in the back of my mind I was thinking "wait a minute...I don't even really like this one.."

You don't like the wedding dress that is EVERYONE's favorite including your mom, Clint's mom, all your friends and your aunt?!

Nope:) .."Don't hate me because I'm beautiful;)"

Even after telling everyone that this "Oh La La" dress was my dress and getting my mom all excited about ordering it I just knew it just wasn't right. I can't explain it but something just wasn't sitting right inside of me.

Also, and poor Clint can back me up on this, I have been having weird emotional outbursts about wedding dresses. I keep telling him how this is the most stressful thing I have ever done and why am I not overjoyed and happy like everyone else!? After A LOT of thinking and soul searching I knew what I had to do.

I sat my mom down and told her that this dress just wasn't for me. Yes, it is gorgeous and different and very couture-like. And I can see myself wearing it but just not on my wedding day.

I told her how my favorite dress I've tried on was the "Casablanca". Yes, we nickname all of the dresses.

The day I tried on this dress was not ideal, I had my mom, Hillary and her mom with me and Hillary's mom's car had died, Hillary was sick and my mom was really tired. Let's just say no one was enthusiastic about seeing me try on dresses haha. We went to a place in Austin called Belle Saison and when I came out in the "Casablanca" everything just felt RIGHT. It had a little bit of everything I wanted, I knew Clint would love it and most importantly I thought I looked great in it!

I have never seen the movie "Casablanca" but I know it is from the 1940's and just exudes class and style.

My wedding's theme is "Romantic French Candlelit Night"-or something like that. And I really just think this dress fits so well and is just plain perfect. My mom says she loves this one too (I know Oh La La is still her fav) but I just had to go with what I wanted. After all, it is MY day right? I know I'm not going to be able to please everyone but if Clint and I are happy then what else is there?

Oh and I also decided my "something blue" will be my shoes:) I needed some fun and flity-ness and my dress and shoes match my personality perfectly. On one side I am a classy, black-and-white movie lovin, hopeless romantic and on the other side I am a young, vibrant, fun-loving gal!

I want a blue peep toe heel kind of like this but a MUCH lighter blue..almost a baby blue maybe? I don't know but don't is going to be fabulous!

Monday, August 29, 2011


For my block class this year (the class where I go and shadow a teacher for the entire semester..eek! so excited) we are currently doing a project comparing ourselves from when we were in 5th grade to now. We are to make a poster and share it to our 4th or 5th grade class next week. I had a lot of fun with this project, mainly because I found it so funny that many of the things I liked when I was 9 I still like when I am 21.

We had to talk about what kind of music, movies, book and hobbies we were into then and now. Here is what I came up with:

The best difference about me now from then is I have no braces! I had braces for 2 years and did NOT like it one bit. Thankfully I got them off in 8th grade so my teeth were nice and straight for high school.


I was OBSESSED with The Spice Girls!! Me and my best friends Nina, Laura, Stephanie and Courtney were each a Spice Girl. I was Ginger Spice haha! We even skipped school and rented a huge van with our moms to drive to Dallas and go to a Spice Girls concert. It was one of the best concerts ever, probably because we also dressed up like them lol.

N*SYNC baby! I used to think these boys were hot stuff...hello Justin Timberlake and your sweet frosted tips! lol


It's a tie between Michael Buble and John Mayer. I love their relaxing, smooth voices. When I am really stressed, which seems to be happening a lot lately thank you college!, I crank up their music and all my problems seem to fade away. I really want Clint and I's first dance to be to a Michael Buble or John Mayer song, I just can't decide which one! Any suggestions?

TOYS: Then

Three Words--American Girl Dolls



I loved my American Girl dolls! And I have to admit that I still have them lol...they are in my hope chest in my closet :)


These two furballs

MOVIES: Then and Now

Expecto Patronum!!!

It is so crazy that the first Harry Potter movie came out when I was 10 and I just saw the last one:( It truly is an end of an era! I think people my age are more attatched to the Harry Potter franchise because we literally grew up with it.


Harry Potter, again.

...Don't judge


I am loving THe Hunger Games series. I was hesitant at first because my friends who had read it did a horrible job of describing what they were about

"Oh it's about the US after a war and there are districts that each have make one good like agriculture or coal. And then there's an uprising.."

Ummmm, ya the books are SO MUCH MORE than that. I seriously could not put them down once I started. I am a sucker for a love story and I really like the female lead in this one, Katniss, because she isn't such a pansy like Bella from Twilight. The story definitely isn't all fluff and love which makes it really entertaining. And for any of you out there who have read it already I hope you are Team Peeta!

Well that was fun, it kinda makes me miss my childhood when I never had to think about making sure to have meat thawed for dinner, doing my own laundry or taking care of 3 "babies"..yes I am talking to you Clint, Bo and Belle. ;)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Celebrity Crushes

Have you ever thought about what TV show you wish you could be on? Mine is a toss up between two:

The Office

I am a HUGE Office fan. I own every season and can quote every single episode. (Yes, I am very proud of myself) lol. I even own a Dwight K. Shrute bobble-head!! I think the show is hilarious and I am proud to say that I converted Clint into a big fan.

Secondly, I wish I could of been in the cast of Sex and the City.

I never watched the show while it was on HBO, but since it started airing on E! I have been watching every episode. I'm not sure who my favorite character is, its a toss up between Samantha and Carrie. But I still really like Miranda and Charlotte. I think they are all super funny and the show just really makes me want to move to New York.

Clint couldn't come up with what show he would want to be on but he does have some major "man crushes". There is no doubt in my mind he would leave me if these two pretty boys ever showed up. Haha!

First, he is totally in LOVE with Robert Downey Jr./Tony Stark/Iron Man. He is convinced they are all the same person...

There was even one point where he grew out his facial hair to look EXACTLY like Tony Stark lol, gotta love him!

Secondly he loves Ryan Reynolds. Whenever a movie with Ryan Reynolds is on we have to watch it. (I don't mind too much)

Here's another fun question to answer..

If you could have dinner with 5 celebrities who would they be?

Here is mine:

1. My twin, Kate Middleton (William can come if he wants)

2. Ellen Degeneres because I think she is really funny and sweet

3. John Krasinski from The Office (I love him)

4. Harry Potter, not Daniel Radcliffe, but the ACTUAL Harry Potter :)

5. Alan from The Hangover

I think we would all have a good time! lol

What five celebrities would you want to have dinner with? Click "Comment" and let me know!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crazy, Stupid Love

It's time for another movie review!!

This time I have reviewing my FAVORITE movie of the summer: Crazy, Stupid Love.

Going into it I knew this movie was going to be a winner on the cast alone. Especially because three of my favorite actors are in it! Here is a breakdown of the main cast:

Steve Carell plays Cal
Ryan Gosling plays Jacob
Emma Stone plays Hannah

There are a couple more wonderful supporting actors such as Kevin Bacon, Julianne Moore and Marisa Tomei. However, the top three really blew this movie out of the water.

Cal is going threw a painful divorce from his wife and decides to drown his sorrows every night at a local bar. He drinks cranberry vodka's everynight and talks loudly to himself about his pain.

Jacob is the ultimate playboy. He frequents the bar as well but for a much different reason. He picks up girls and goes home with a different girl everynight.

One night Jacob decides he cannot take anymore of over hearing Cal's whinning and decides to help him get his wife back by giving him a makeover.

He cuts his hair, changes his clothes and gives him some confidence and tips on how to talk to women. It is so hilarious how these two feed off of each other.

Now ladies, if I could give you only ONE reason to see this movie here it is....

...Ryan Gosling. O----M----G! He is beautiful. Not only is his characters confidence in this movie extremely attractive, but he has a slight New Yorker accent that will make you drool. I mean if a man looked at you in a bar like this, wouldn't your heart drop?

Even though Jacob is proud of his playboy lifestyle he cannot help but fall for a girl in the bar that actually blows him off at first, Hannah. Hannah is a successful first-time lawyer who has everything going for her (except a good relationship). Jacob continues to try and ask her out but she denies him everytime. Finally after breaking up with her extremely pretentious boyfriend she heads to the bar to use Jacob as on outlet for her heartbreak. Little do they both know, they are about to fall head over heels in love with each other..

That scene in the movie is so romantic and perfect. There is Dirty Dancing reference and who doesn't love that!?

While Jacob calling Hannah his "game changer", Cal is trying to get with women to make his wife jealous. He succeeds but comes to find out he cannot live without his wife.

There are a few more plot twists, but I don't want to spoil anything because they are so funny.

I really hope you will go see this movie! It is perfect for date-night, mother/daughter, father/son, and girls night out!

And now since I went on a little too much about my celebrity husband Ryan Gosling. I will leave you with a picture of THE most handsome, loving and wonderful man in the world!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Clint and I just got back from visiting Clint's family in Arkansas! Let me tell you was the highlight of my summer. We had such a blast, I am not an Arkansas-lover ;)

We stayed with Clint's cousins Amanda and Cody and their adorable daughters, Addison and Chanie! (Side Note: Addie and Chanie are my flower girls). We left Houston at 6am and arrived in Fayetteville around 3pm. I was nervous about the lengthy drive but it flew by! This was probably due to the fact that Clint drove the entire time and I slept for about 4 hours total :) Gotta love Clint! Since Amanda and Cody weren't home from work yet, we drove around the University of Arkansas campus for awhile.

Woohoo! SAE represent!! (Clint's fraternity)

When we arrived at Amanda and Cody's house I was blown away. Let me just say that the way their house was decorated was EXACTLY how I want my future house to look like. It was absolutely perfect!

Clint's cousin Marissa and her boyfriend Moses also drove in for the weekend and after they arrived around 6 we all changed and headed out to dinner at a place called Grub's. It was like a better Chili' good! We all had a little joke that Addison looked like she could be Clint and I's daughter...what do you think?

Addison is the funniest 5 year old I have ever met. She has a more diverse vocabulary than I do! She is fiesty and I love her.

Chanie has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, they literally trap you when you stare at her. She smiled so much that you could not help but smile all the time since she was.

When we got back the girls went to sleep and all of us adults played Taboo! If you have never played Taboo I strongly encourage you to go out to Wal-Mart and buy it ASAP! It is so much fun!! We all had such a great time playing together.

The next day we went to visit Clint's Aunt Linda, Uncle Rick, cousin Anthony and Grammy! Their house is on top of a mountain and has the most breath-taking view! I am so sorry that I didn't snap a picture:/ I was too distracted by all the beautiful land. Get this..Anthony has a pet raccoon! As soon as I saw Anthony bring around his raccoon, Bandit, on a leash...I knew I was not in Kansas anymroe haha.
We had a great time at their house looking through old pictures and talking with everyone. (Hi Linda!)

That night Amanda decided that we needed to celebrate all of our birthdays. Her's is in September, Moses' was in June and Marissa and I's are in October. Yes, it seems like a stretch but Amanda and I share the same view on life:never grow up. We are always up for celebrating anything. Clint baked us birthday brownies and ice cream!

After eating our dessert we got ready to go out to Dickson Street which is a street full of bars.

We went to a place called George's to see one of Amanda's co-workers son play. We got there at the opening act only to find out it was a heavy metal band. We felt like fish out of water being there surrounded by head banging, long-haired, tattooed, screaming fans. It was hilarious but we made the most of it! We walked around for a little bit before coming back to George's to see her friend's son's band called "The Good Fight". (I think that was their name). They were pretty hardcore but definitely LESS intense then the previous band. We all had a great time!

The next day was awesome! Does anyone watch the show on TLC "19 Kids and Counting"? It is a show about Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 19 kids. They live about 20 minutes from Amanda and she was so sweet and drove me there so I could see their famous house! I love their show...does anyone recognize the house!?

I could go on and on about how much I loved Arkansas and especially how much I fell in love with Amanda and her family. I am so glad I met Amanda and got to bond with her. I know that she is someone I can call anytime to just chat with. She was so funny, warm, beautiful and just plain perfect! It was also great to get closer to Marissa. I had no idea how funny she was and I am so excited to call up her and Moses soon and all get together!