Saturday, March 24, 2012

Beautiful Memories

Yesterday my aunt, Angela sent me some amazing pictures she found in her house. I love looking through old pictures and watching home videos and so does she. Together we have watched my mom and dad's wedding video probably 50 times!

One of my favorite pictures she sent me yesterday was this one of my and my Papa. He died almost three years ago and was one of my closest relatives. He was just so amazing in every way. He had the BIGGEST heart and was so funny and kind. I can't write too much about him or I will start bawling my eyes out so I will just say this---I miss him every day and Clint and I are going to name our first child (no matter the sex) after him.

The next picture was my second favorite picture but probably one of my most favorite days of my life--April 4, 1994. The day my baby brother Cole was born! You can see Angela and I in the background smiling SO BIG and staring at the most precious baby in the world. I LOVE YOU COLE DOUGLAS!!!

Here is my uncle Brett (remember him from St. Patrick's Day post?) holding me!

Here is Angela and Brett playing with baby me :)

Have a wonderful weekend loves!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

If I was a billionaire....

Wow, wouldn't that be nice?! If you became an overnight billionaire what would be the first things you would do?

Besides paying off debts/giving money to family, here is what I would do:

First I would buy my dream car, a white Porsche Cayenne :)

I would hire a full-time hair stylist to do my hair every day.

I would hire a make-up artist to do my make-up for special occasions

I would get a completely new wardrobe, mostly chosen by Rachel Zoe!

There are a lot more things I could think of but I will just keep it to four lol. I asked Clint the same question and here is what he would do:

First he would buy his dream car, a black Cadillac CTS Coupe

He would design and build a custom home for him and I (aww!)

He would then build a custom golf course, like the Pebble Beach one in Hawaii

Lastly, we would both take a whirlwind vacation across the globe beginning in Tahiti!

It is fun to dream isn't it :)


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Luck of the Irish

I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day on Saturday!

I have never been the type of person to go all out on St. Patty's day wearing a bunch of green or talk in an Irish accent. However, my uncle Brett has always celebrated this day with more spirit than he does on his own birthday. Even though he is my uncle, he seems to be more like a big brother since we are only 5 years apart in age. Here are some pictures of his past St. Patty's day outfits from the last couple of years....enjoy :)

I bet his two sisters (Mom and Angela) and beaming with pride right now! Love ya B!

Ok so onto MY St. Patty's day...Clint and I met up with some of our favorite people Marissa, Moses, Jordan, the other Jordan and Johnny and some new friends and decided to go to a place on the square called Sean Patrick's. It is the only Irish pub San Marcos has to offer so we headed out to enjoy some green beer and friend time :)

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Homes away from Home

I cannot believe that my college life is coming to an end. These four years have flown by! Every year of college I have moved into a different "home". I thought I could share with the blog world about each one of my homes away from home throughout college.

Freshman Year

Ahhhh dorm life. Can't say that I miss it...AT ALL. The only positive was that I got to live with one of my best friends, Ashley. We had so many fun adventures during our freshman year! However, living in a tiny dorm room was not one of them. We lived in Jackson Hall, which is in a great location on campus but the rooms are teeny tiny and each floor has a community bathroom. <---That right there was the worst. Ashley and I showered with shoes on every time for obvious reasons, and would never go in there alone. We always went together and would always shower in the same shower stall. If one of ours was taken we would just leave and come back lol. Our dorm room was also ALWAYS at 60 degrees. We froze our little butts off! But, our dorm was decorated so cute thanks to our awesome mothers!

Sophomore Year

My first apartment!! Ashley and I moved into a 4 bedroom/4 bathroom apartment with our amazing friends Carolyn and Alexa! Our memories together are some of my favorite memories of all time. We always had so much fun and were always having people over. I remember one time we were all asleep and I got a phone call from Carolyn (from the room next to me) saying she thought there was a robber in our apartment. Naturally I freaked out and hung up the phone. We started texting each other so the burglar would not hear us. We decided to call the police since we kept hearing weird noises. So, the police comes and tells us that one of us needs to run to the front door to open it. We make our friend Kelcie do it and she sprints to the front door screaming. The police comes in a searches our apartment while Carolyn and I hide in my room. The cop opens the doors to Ashley and Alexa's room who have been asleep the entire time. The looks on their faces were priceless as they were very confused why a cop was waking them up. After searching the apartment and not finding anyone the cop determines that we were just hearing things. As he is leaving and we are escorting him out he sees our bookshelf in our living room filled with empty bottles of alcohol. He says "I assume all of you girls are 21?" We burst out in nervous laughter and the cop says he is just kidding. (We were all 19 or 20 at the time). Ahhhh memories :) Love you girls!

Junior Year

Junior year was when Clint and I moved in together. My life changed when I met him and sometimes when I think back at the times living with the girls it seems like an entire different life ago. I loved living with my girlfriends but living with Clint has been one of the best decisions of my life. I don't have any pictures of our first apartment together but here is one of Clint painting the bathroom Tiffany blue :)

Senior Year

Ah last but not least! This year Clint and I and one of my best friends Hillary all moved into an awesome apartment! We love our little family and enjoy all being together even though Belle thinks she owns the place....


It is such a good feeling to be surrounded by people who you know want the best for you and love you. That understand you and will do anything for you. For me, I have some amazing friends and family. One friend lately has been going above and beyond and that is my bestie/sister/Matron&Maid of honor Nina.

Nina has stepped above and beyond her duty as my Matron of Honor. She has gotten SO MUCH done in just a few short weeks, I cannot believe it. She is a friend that I love talking to because the conversation is so real. We are 100% honest with each other and love being around each other. Our friendship has been strong since we were 5&6 years old! We met when I was in Kindergarten and have been close ever since.

Nina has been my shoulder to cry on in all of my life's toughest moments. She is always there for me and I don't know how I would be sane without her guidance. She feels like an older sister to me since she has been giving me advice since we were little. I have always looked up to her and now she is a loving wife and amazing mother and I hope one day to be just as wonderful of a person that she is. She has a wonderful spirit about her. She exudes love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and gentleness. I mean, how amazing of a friend is that!? I am so blessed that God has put her in my life for so many years.

So, Nina--THANK YOU. This whole crazy wedding process has almost driven me crazy and you are always there to reign me back into sanity. I love you and everything that you do for me is appreciated SO MUCH you have no idea (Well I think you do ;)) Thank you for always being on my side and helping me through everything!!!! I love you so much <3 I am so happy that on the biggest day of my life I will have you standing right next to me as you already have been for almost my entire life.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Food Tasting

We are getting so close to the big day! I cannot believe March is already almost over. This semester is flying by and I could not be happier.

Over Spring Break Clint and I went to Pine Forest Country Club (where our reception will be) and did our official food tasting! We have been looking forward to this day for many reasons. 1-we got a free lunch and 2-we are finally getting to do the fun stuff associated with our wedding!

We chose two chicken dishes, three sides and four different cake flavors to try. After trying all the food we had to pick our favorite chicken, two sides and two cake flavors. We are automatically having a beef dish, so we did not try that one since it is guarenteed to be one of the dishes.

When we got there we were escorted downstairs to their dining area. It had a gorgeous view of the golf course and since we were the only ones in there it was very romantic.

For the chicken choices Clint and I each picked one. I picked a chicken dish that was stuffed with chedder cheese, ham and spices.

Clint picked the "Chicken Oscar" which was chicken stuffed with lump crab meat and asparagus then covered in a creamy lobster sauce.

Needless to say the Chicken Oscar kicked my chicken's butt. We went with the Chicken Oscar and beef for our two meat options for our guest to enjoy!

The sides we chose were whipped mashed potatoes, green beans with bacon and onions and grilled mushrooms. The green beans stole the show because of how incredibly fresh they were. I ate every single one. We chose the superstar green beans and whipped potatoes.

For the cake options, we got to choose between two flavors for the wedding cake and two for the groom's cake. The options for the wedding cake were 1-white cake with a raspberry filling and a coffee flavored cake with a hazelnut cream filling. The white cake with raspberry filling was the winner! It was so moist and delicious. For the grooms cake we had the choice between chocolate cake with gnoche filling or chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling. We went with the gnoche!

After our tastings we drove to Cypress to apartment hunt! We will be moving there in the summer and are trying to find the perfect place. After looking at several apartments we were discouraged that they all seemed to be almost $1000 a month for a ONE BEDROOM. We decided we would much rather mpay that price and be renting a house instead of a tiny apartment. We found the cutest neighborhood filled with starter homes. Each house has a white picket fence around it and all of the houses are different. We found one for rent that is the same price as an apartment but has 3 bedrooms, a backyard and two car garage! We are hoping to get to rent this one but since the price is so good it may get off the market soon. But, since the neighborhood is so large there are always multiple homes up for rent so we just have to wait until the time is right and pick ours! We cannot wait!!!

So many exciting things to look forward to :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I have seen a lot of my blogger friends doing the "Blogger ABC's" and I thought it would be fun to do, too! So here we go....

The Blogger ABC's

Age/Anniversary: I am 22 and Clint and I started dating on April 22, 2010 and we will be married on July 21, 2012!

Bed Size: Queen. I cannot wait until we are married and can afford a King size!

Chocolate: I LOVE dark chocolate filled with raspberry, yummm

Dessert: Literally, anything and EVERYTHING. I am a total dessert person

Ethnic Background: I am a fun mix. I have some Cherokee in me from my mom's side and my dad is half Spanish. I love the mix because my skin tans so easily :)

Fear: Sharks, snakes, loosing my family and Clint, being alone in the dark

Graduation from high school and college: I graduated HS in 2008 and will graduate from college this year!!!

Job Title: Full-time college student and pre-service teacher to some amazing 6th graders!

Kids: Just a dog child named Belle. She is my everything!!

Live: San Marcos

Movie: Clint and I have over 600 movies....we are addicted. I love watching movies! I can't pick a favorite, but Beauty and the Beast, The Devil Wears Prada, Pretty Woman, My Best Friend's Wedding and Iron Man are up there!

Natural Hair Color: Brown

Overnight hospital stays: Thankfully none, I have only been in the hospital once and that was when I face planted the concrete in 9th grade and had to have my face stitched up and my teeth were knocked out:(

Pastime: Being with my family, reading and cheerleading!


Right or Left Handed: Right

Siblings: My favorite person in the world, my little brother Cole!

TV Show: The Office, Modern Family, Project Runway, Mad Men, Entourage and The Ellen Degeneres Show


Vacation Spot: Well I have never been out of the country yet, so it would have to be Disney World. It is magical at any age :)

Weather right now: Rainy all weekend

X-Rays: On my back a lot because I have scoliosis and I have had a cat scan on my head before since I get migraines all the time

Yummy Meal I make: I have perfected the recipe for Shepard's Pie. Clint LOVES it and always asks me to make it which makes me happy :)

Zoo Animal: I like the penguins, seals and monkeys.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Let's Go Fly A Kite

Over the weekend Clint and I went and had some fun adventures with our favorite couple, Marissa and Moses!

On Sunday was the Austin Kite Festival and Marissa and I were itching to fly a kite since neither one of us had in awhile. We searched for some in a couple different places and finally found some reasonably priced ones at Wal-Mart. The cheapest kites were cartoons but we didn't care, we just wanted to fly a kite! We each picked out a kite and since it was so late in the day, the choosings were minimal...

Marissa- The Green Lantern
Moses- Spiderman
Clint- Yoda
Me- Winnie the Pooh

Throughout the day Marissa and I kept singing "Lets go fly a kite" from Mary Poppins! If you don't remember that song, watch below:)

So before we could fly our kites Moses wanted to go to an ice cream place that he said had the best authentic Mexican ice cream. This is what we pulled into...

We were skeptical on going into this place but I have to say, it was SO GOOD! I got a chocolate popsicle ice cream stick and it was soooo good.

So after ice cream we headed to a nearby field and had so much fun with our kites! It was like being a kid again. We tied all of ours together before leaving and used all the extra string, making our kites 650ft in the air! (We are hardcore kite flyers)

It was the perfect day.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

For the Love of Cars

This semester I drive A LOT! I spend more time in Kyle than I do in San Marcos. Today when I was driving home I was thinking about all the cars I have already have in my short lifetime of driving.

My first car

Ahhh my first car brings so many sweet memories to my mind, especially the way my parents gave it to me. I had a surprise Sweet 16 birthday party and towards the end of the night my parents had me open a gift and it was car keys! I ran outside and saw my first set of wheels...a 2001 White Ford Escape

(this was not my actual car, just a google picture:))

My Escape had some sweet rims on it that everyone at school loved. I was riding in style! I absolutely loved this car and loved how easy it was to drive. It turned on a dime! I think it was the perfect first car. My name for it was "Es-cape" said how Dory says it in Finding Nemo.

After about a year I started talking with my dad about how much I wanted a mustang with the new body style. We loved looking at them together and kind of out of the blue he told me I could get one! So for New Year's 2007 I got my second car, AKA the love of my life, my 2005 Ford Mustang.

^^That was my actual car, I miss it :( I was so blessed to have this car for so long. I LOVED IT, I felt like it exuded my personality and style. I named her "Shelby" and all my friends and family referred to her by her name. I only recently got rid of it and still feel sad when I see a mustang driving down the road.

Only a couple months ago my parents got me a 2005 Jeep Liberty! I was getting tired of being so low to the ground and wanted a small SUV so they found my Jeep.

I love my car and hate it on some days. It has had a lot of mechanical problems but I love cruising down the highway with the sun roof open!
I can't figure out a good name yet, I need some help!

Any suggestions?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Celebrity Sightings

Have you ever met a celebrity?

I have met a couple and I am star struck every time.

*First, my mom and I met Josh Lucas, most known as Reese Witherspoon's country husband in Sweet Home Alabama.

We were in New York and trying to navigate the busy streets and find somewhere to eat. We ended up in the middle of the "Gay Pride" parade. It was definitely a spectacle. So my mom and I decided to stay and watch since we couldn't really go anywhere else and my mom taps me on the shoulder and says "OMG look who is standing right by us!" and it was him. He was super sweet and let us take a picture of him like the insane stalkers we are. It was exciting because I adored him in that movie.

*My friends and I met Chris from NSYNC on 6th street of all places! He is the one on the far right.

He was really nice but all we kept thinking was "I wonder if he has Justin Timberlake's phone number?!"

*Over the summer when Clint and I visited Clint's family in Arkansas we got to see the house of the Duggar's from "19 Kids and Counting".

Here is the picture we took outside their gate:

It was fun!

It seems that the only celebrity's you ever meet are the ones that you don't really care about lol.

Have you ever met anyone exciting?