Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dress Coma

Wow it is so hot outside today! Gotta love that Texas heat. Clint and I decided it would be the perfect day to lay out by the pool. As he was getting ready I noticed that Bo and Belle were looking especially precious this morning. I grabbed my camera and attempted to use them as models for a "photo shoot" of some sort. I tried to get on their level by laying on the ground but I think they just thought that I wanted to play with them because they would just attack my face with kisses. I did manage to get some cute ones so here are Bo and Belle's modeling debut on my blog:

"Are you looking at me?"

Hard to Get

"This is my Derek Zoolander face"

Big ears are all the rage this season


"Don't Worry, Be Happy"

Haha ok now on to something actually productive. I am currently stressing out to the max about my wedding dress! Two days ago my mom recieved a phone call from our consultant at Alfred Angelo, Pickles (yes that is her name) and she informed us that their particular store was relocating so all of the dress are 50% off. We jumped on the opportunity and I drove to Houston to go and try on the dress I had in my mind that I wanted. The only catch was you have to buy it off the rack as is. However, the dress I wanted was in great condition and was my size and would only little minimal altering. It sounded perfect!


I put on the dress and decided it wasn't "THE" dress anymore. EEEEK! Back to the drawing board! My mom, Allie, Clint's mom and Laura, my future sister-in-law were all there with me and I had to start from scratch trying on new dresses. I almost went into full-on panic mode. I was ready for this huge stress to be lifted but now it was back!

However, the best part is I enjoy trying on dresses so its fun for me. I am just ready to know which one will be my dress! My mom and everyone laugh at me because all of my favorite dresses are complete opposites. They literally have nothing in common. One is very couture, one is classic and elegant and one if fun and flirty. I really don't have a preference, I just want it to look great!

So after 3 hours of trying on dresses my head was spinning. We decided to call it a night and head home. Ever since then my mom has been emailing me countless dresses to look at. I probably have about 30 saved on my computer! I am definitley in a dress coma. Oh and guess what!? My mom is driving in from Houston as we speak so we can go try on some more! This time we are expanding our horizons and tackling David's Bridal!

Wish me luck that I will have a dress soon!

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