Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My!

So sorry for being M.I.A. the last couple of days, I have been crazy busy/sick.

I had an amazing Father's Day weekend with my awesome dad! We woke up on Sunday and wanted to do something fun so we decided to all pack up and head to the Houston Zoo. I don't know what it is about the zoo, but while I was there I felt like I was trasported back to my 10 year old self. It was so much fun to feel like a kid again! I think Clint and my brother Cole felt the same way because they were running around every where screaming how "awesome" the apes were. One in particular was truly amazing. I don't remember what kind of monkey it was but it was HUGE and hairy. He was posing for pictures and then walked over to the glass window and put his face right up against the face of a little boy. Then if that wasn't cool enough he put his hand against the glass to the little boys. It was like a scene from a movie! This was the only picture I could get on my phone, I was so flabergasted I couldn't pull out my phone fast enough.

After that experience I decided that I wanted a pet monkey. But I want one that stays small and drinks out of a bottle lol. And of course one whose hair always sticks straight up :)

After the monkey-business (haha get it) we went the the reptile house. Now, if you don't know me very well then you don't know that my parents using have to guide me through this particular part of the zoo because I close my eyes the entire time. This would happen from ages 4-15....well at age 21 this time was no different. I am deathly afraid of snakes, I'm not even sure why God created them, I'm sure there is a good reason but I just can't seem to see why. I tried to suck it up and be brave and put on a brave face since my fiance was there and I didn't want him to think I was a complete wuss. The first thing you see when you walk in is an albino crocodile. It was so cool! He had been living there for 10 years and was the coolest looking thing I had ever seen. The lighting + my camera didn't give this croc's picture justice but if you are ever in Houston, you have to go to the zoo and see him! After this I looked in the next window and saw a viper or python of some sort and bolted. So that was the end of the Reptile House for me.

By 4:00 the heat was kicking in and we decided it was probably time to go.

The next day Cole had a 7 on 7 game and I got to endure the Houston heat again from 9-1. But it was worth it because look how adorable this picture is of my brother and the coach, also known as my dad!

After the game Clint and I headed to the mall to pick up a couple things and I spotted more cuteness in the form of this couple.

Ahh they made my day! Clint and I followed them for a good 2 minutes just smiling at the sight of them (yes we felt very creepy).

Okay here is one last adorable picture. I begged Clint to let me buy it but he wasn't feeling it. We took Bo and Belle to PetSmart to get them out of the house while the exterminator came (we are currently have an ant problem) and we found this little baby and had to put Bo in it!

I will leave ya'll with that:) Have a great Wednesday!

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