Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What I learned teaching pre-school

Hello everyone! I am officially a MRS. now :) I will blog alllll about the wedding soon, so stay tuned!

All summer I had the amazing opportunity to teach some wonderful kids at a pre-school. It was a great chance to get some teaching experience and I definitely learned some things along the way. I can now say that I feel very confident in having children. I heightened my skills on how to feed, burp and rock to sleep kids ranging in ages 4 months to 5 years. I also learned some new things....such as...

1. Apple juice and milk are the drinks of choice...DON'T EVER ask a 3 year old if they would rather have water. The answer is always no.

2. Finger "painting" with shaving cream can quiet a classroom of 3 year olds in a nano-second.

3. When playing with Play-Doh, EVERYONE wants you (the teacher) to make them a snake. And it better be the longest and best snake, or else...
(Side Note: All play-doh in a pre-school eventually becomes brown)

4. Turning on music to dance is the most exciting part of the day. "Wheels on the Bus" was not a favorite in my class...we were all about "Get Up Get Up" or "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

5. During outside time, the popsicles are the best part. Also everyone has their opinion on what color they want so make sure to bring an assortment of colors outside.

And last but not least....

6. Lightening McQueen is King and Dora the Exploror is Queen. (McQueen is King...ya thats confusing haha)

These two rule.

See you soon for some posts about the best day of my life!