Saturday, June 25, 2011

Double Date Night

Yesterday was jam packed with activities since 10:00am! Well the beginning of the day was not too exciting due to the fact that I spent it at summer school. Thankfully next week is our last week!:) I am so excited.

My mom, brother Cole, and his friend Adam drove down from Houston on Thursday. My mom and I drove to South Austin to try on wedding dresses while Clint took the boys to show them around Texas State. He is trying to convince Adam to come here on a football scholarship! (Do it Adam!!)

Meanwhile my mom and I had absolutely no luck at David's Bridal. The dresses were all beautiful but none of them really jumped out at me as "the" one. Once we were done we decided to eat dinner at one of our favorite places to eat together, La Madeline! I ordered an amazing cup of tomato basil soup, ceasar salad and pasta salad. It was so good! I could eat their tomato basil soup every night!

After dinner my mom and I headed back to the apartment to meet the boys. After a long day everyone decided to sit around the couch and watch "Swamp People". I had never seen the show before but was intrigued. It follows the lives of families that catch alligators and live on swamps. The best part of the show is the people. They are hilarious.

Look at how focused everyone is on the show, haha. Can you spot the two furry babies?

After that amazing display of intellectual television we all decided it was time to call it a night.

The next morning after class my mom, Clint, Cole and Adam picked my up and we headed straight to New Braunfels to float the Comal River. It took us close to an hour to find a parking spot! It was crazy. We thought we could beat the system and parked in the Schlitterbahn parking lot, but we got kicked out:/ After finally finding a place to park we blew up our toobs and headed to the river!

We enjoyed relaxing on the river and soaking up the sun, but when we got home I realized how tired being outside all day makes me. But then Clint informed me that he had planned a surprise double date with our friends Grant and Christi so there was no time to rest! I was immediately excited 1. Because I LOVE doubling with Christi and Grant because they are hilarious and awesome. 2. I love surprises!!

Our surprise double date took us to the Corral Theater in Wimberley which is an outdoor movie theater that shows movies under the stars!

We were under the impression that the Corral Theater was picnic style. So Clint and Grant had packed blankets and tons of pillows for us to lay out on on "their huge grassy field" as Clint thought. We were definitely wrong but it was still so much fun! We saw the premiere of Cars 2 so we were surrounded by tons and tons of precious little kids who were so excited to see Lightning McQueen!

We had so much fun! I loved how I could look up at anytime during the movie and see so many beautiful stars! Clint did such a great job planning this double date:)

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