Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thank you Texas State!

Starting August 1st, Texas State will become a completely smoke-free zone! I am so excited to finally be able to walk across campus and not accidently walk into a cloud of smoke. It is so funny because we have distinguished "smoke-free" zones located in the breeze way of the library but it seems that those are the places that the smokers tend to gather the most! I really hope that they enforce the new rule by having the entire campus become smoke-free so we can all start to breathe a little easier!


Currently Hillary and I are attempting to make home-made meatball subs. We are trying to become more "domestic" and have been trying new recipes. So far our greatest success has been our eclairs we made from SCRATCH! We are extremely proud. Even though they look like deformed fingers they tasted like heaven.

If our meatball subs turn out I will post a picture and recipe tomorrow:) Well for now I am going to try and study for my physics exam while I cuddle with this pretty lady by my side!

See ya'll tomorrow!

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