Saturday, March 24, 2012

Beautiful Memories

Yesterday my aunt, Angela sent me some amazing pictures she found in her house. I love looking through old pictures and watching home videos and so does she. Together we have watched my mom and dad's wedding video probably 50 times!

One of my favorite pictures she sent me yesterday was this one of my and my Papa. He died almost three years ago and was one of my closest relatives. He was just so amazing in every way. He had the BIGGEST heart and was so funny and kind. I can't write too much about him or I will start bawling my eyes out so I will just say this---I miss him every day and Clint and I are going to name our first child (no matter the sex) after him.

The next picture was my second favorite picture but probably one of my most favorite days of my life--April 4, 1994. The day my baby brother Cole was born! You can see Angela and I in the background smiling SO BIG and staring at the most precious baby in the world. I LOVE YOU COLE DOUGLAS!!!

Here is my uncle Brett (remember him from St. Patrick's Day post?) holding me!

Here is Angela and Brett playing with baby me :)

Have a wonderful weekend loves!

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