Sunday, April 1, 2012

Clint's Big Night

Last Saturday was a big event in Clint's life! For the past three years Clint along with some of his friends brought back a fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, back to Texas State.

On Saturday, after three years of A LOT of hard work and dedication they got their Charter.

Getting their Charter was a big deal because it solidifies SAE as a fraternity at Texas State! YAY BOYS!

It was a three-day long process which consisted of the gentlemen getting initiated as true brothers and learning the secrets and history of SAE.

On Saturday night was the formal dinner and chartering ceremony. The gentlemen were allowed to invite their families and significant others to bring to the dinner.

Hillary and I got ready together and were so excited for Clint and Maverick, since they were 2 of the 4 founders who started the flame to get SAE back to Texas State!

The night was filled with great food and a lot of awards. Clint got an award for being SAE's president and he recieved "The Order of the Pheonix" award for being an above and beyond leader in the fraternity in more ways then one. When his name was called I teared up because I knew how extremely passionate Clint is about SAE and how much of his time he has put into making the fraternity so great. I was a proud fiance!!

Here are some pictures from this wonderful night!


  1. Congratulations to Clint,the SAE's and significant others (chels)...

  2. awww yay for clint!!! P.S. I started writing my speech already. get readyyyyy!