Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Homes away from Home

I cannot believe that my college life is coming to an end. These four years have flown by! Every year of college I have moved into a different "home". I thought I could share with the blog world about each one of my homes away from home throughout college.

Freshman Year

Ahhhh dorm life. Can't say that I miss it...AT ALL. The only positive was that I got to live with one of my best friends, Ashley. We had so many fun adventures during our freshman year! However, living in a tiny dorm room was not one of them. We lived in Jackson Hall, which is in a great location on campus but the rooms are teeny tiny and each floor has a community bathroom. <---That right there was the worst. Ashley and I showered with shoes on every time for obvious reasons, and would never go in there alone. We always went together and would always shower in the same shower stall. If one of ours was taken we would just leave and come back lol. Our dorm room was also ALWAYS at 60 degrees. We froze our little butts off! But, our dorm was decorated so cute thanks to our awesome mothers!

Sophomore Year

My first apartment!! Ashley and I moved into a 4 bedroom/4 bathroom apartment with our amazing friends Carolyn and Alexa! Our memories together are some of my favorite memories of all time. We always had so much fun and were always having people over. I remember one time we were all asleep and I got a phone call from Carolyn (from the room next to me) saying she thought there was a robber in our apartment. Naturally I freaked out and hung up the phone. We started texting each other so the burglar would not hear us. We decided to call the police since we kept hearing weird noises. So, the police comes and tells us that one of us needs to run to the front door to open it. We make our friend Kelcie do it and she sprints to the front door screaming. The police comes in a searches our apartment while Carolyn and I hide in my room. The cop opens the doors to Ashley and Alexa's room who have been asleep the entire time. The looks on their faces were priceless as they were very confused why a cop was waking them up. After searching the apartment and not finding anyone the cop determines that we were just hearing things. As he is leaving and we are escorting him out he sees our bookshelf in our living room filled with empty bottles of alcohol. He says "I assume all of you girls are 21?" We burst out in nervous laughter and the cop says he is just kidding. (We were all 19 or 20 at the time). Ahhhh memories :) Love you girls!

Junior Year

Junior year was when Clint and I moved in together. My life changed when I met him and sometimes when I think back at the times living with the girls it seems like an entire different life ago. I loved living with my girlfriends but living with Clint has been one of the best decisions of my life. I don't have any pictures of our first apartment together but here is one of Clint painting the bathroom Tiffany blue :)

Senior Year

Ah last but not least! This year Clint and I and one of my best friends Hillary all moved into an awesome apartment! We love our little family and enjoy all being together even though Belle thinks she owns the place....

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