Sunday, March 11, 2012


I have seen a lot of my blogger friends doing the "Blogger ABC's" and I thought it would be fun to do, too! So here we go....

The Blogger ABC's

Age/Anniversary: I am 22 and Clint and I started dating on April 22, 2010 and we will be married on July 21, 2012!

Bed Size: Queen. I cannot wait until we are married and can afford a King size!

Chocolate: I LOVE dark chocolate filled with raspberry, yummm

Dessert: Literally, anything and EVERYTHING. I am a total dessert person

Ethnic Background: I am a fun mix. I have some Cherokee in me from my mom's side and my dad is half Spanish. I love the mix because my skin tans so easily :)

Fear: Sharks, snakes, loosing my family and Clint, being alone in the dark

Graduation from high school and college: I graduated HS in 2008 and will graduate from college this year!!!

Job Title: Full-time college student and pre-service teacher to some amazing 6th graders!

Kids: Just a dog child named Belle. She is my everything!!

Live: San Marcos

Movie: Clint and I have over 600 movies....we are addicted. I love watching movies! I can't pick a favorite, but Beauty and the Beast, The Devil Wears Prada, Pretty Woman, My Best Friend's Wedding and Iron Man are up there!

Natural Hair Color: Brown

Overnight hospital stays: Thankfully none, I have only been in the hospital once and that was when I face planted the concrete in 9th grade and had to have my face stitched up and my teeth were knocked out:(

Pastime: Being with my family, reading and cheerleading!


Right or Left Handed: Right

Siblings: My favorite person in the world, my little brother Cole!

TV Show: The Office, Modern Family, Project Runway, Mad Men, Entourage and The Ellen Degeneres Show


Vacation Spot: Well I have never been out of the country yet, so it would have to be Disney World. It is magical at any age :)

Weather right now: Rainy all weekend

X-Rays: On my back a lot because I have scoliosis and I have had a cat scan on my head before since I get migraines all the time

Yummy Meal I make: I have perfected the recipe for Shepard's Pie. Clint LOVES it and always asks me to make it which makes me happy :)

Zoo Animal: I like the penguins, seals and monkeys.

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