Thursday, March 22, 2012

If I was a billionaire....

Wow, wouldn't that be nice?! If you became an overnight billionaire what would be the first things you would do?

Besides paying off debts/giving money to family, here is what I would do:

First I would buy my dream car, a white Porsche Cayenne :)

I would hire a full-time hair stylist to do my hair every day.

I would hire a make-up artist to do my make-up for special occasions

I would get a completely new wardrobe, mostly chosen by Rachel Zoe!

There are a lot more things I could think of but I will just keep it to four lol. I asked Clint the same question and here is what he would do:

First he would buy his dream car, a black Cadillac CTS Coupe

He would design and build a custom home for him and I (aww!)

He would then build a custom golf course, like the Pebble Beach one in Hawaii

Lastly, we would both take a whirlwind vacation across the globe beginning in Tahiti!

It is fun to dream isn't it :)



  1. If I were a Billionaire...

    1. I would take care of my family and friends
    2. Donate to the Church
    3. Buy a HUGE piece of property in the country and build my dream home.(Castle)
    4. And, Finally take my Family and friends on a World Wide cruise for atleast a month.

  2. pappy, cade, sweet ron comments on your posts :) the buying a ranch was a dead giveaway but he forgot to mention he would build a bomb shelter HAHA!

  3. lol if i were a billionaire....I would pay off my debt..donate to many needy family & friends...
    build a big compound near the ocean for all of our family to live in.
    buy my dream car...
    a kia suv...ahahaha