Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shark Bait Oo Ha Ha

Hello everyone! This weekend was filled with so many wonderful memories I am going to have to break it down into two different posts. On Friday Clint and I drove up to San Antonio to meet my family at Sea World! Growing up my family and I always went to Sea World because I used to be (and still am) a dolphin/under the sea lover! When I was little I wanted nothing more than to be a mermaid and have a pet dolphin.

When I found out that Clint had never been I immediately jumped on the chance to get us season tickets! Sea World is currently having a special if you pay for a day ($59) you can come back for the entire year. This was our second time to use our season tickets so they are already paying for themselves:)

Once we met my parents and arrived at Sea World we had a picnic out in the parking lot Griswold style;)

After our lovely picnic we headed inside and went straight to the dolphin tank. For the record, Cole was just as excited as me. It was the dolphin's feeding time and if you wanted to pay for it, you could buy four fish to feed to them. We jumped on the chance and quickly walked into the line for the fish. It was so amazing how close the dolphins got to you and I loved getting to pet them. They feel so soft and mushy! Check out this amazing picture my dad took while we were feeding them~

Clint suggested next time we smuggle in our minows to feed them! lol

Next up was the shark tank! We didn't get any great pictures of them those sharks had the meanest look on their faces. In all honestly I screamed twice because I would just randomly look at a spot in the tank and a shark would be giving me a "I want to eat you" look. While we were looking around we all kept quoting Finding Nemo.

"Shark bait oo ha ha"
"Fish are friends, not food"
"Welcome brother Shark-bait!"

After an long day in the heat we headed to downtown San Antonio to meet up with my best friend Allie and her family to celebrate Allie's 21st birthday! OOOOh such good memories, I will post about our adventures tomorrow!

Happy almost fourth of July!

This is Clint and I last fourth of July in our patriotic matching swim suits :)

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