Monday, July 25, 2011

Belle Goes Under the Knife

Hey guys, remember me? Haha I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! Our sweet baby girl had to get spayed last week and boy was it an experience. I have never owned a puppy, so I had no idea what to expect when getting Belle spayed. First, I was trying to find a place that could spay her for a reasonable price to try and save money. The search took me to a place that did it out of a van. The website showed the picture of the van and I immediately knew that I was NOT putting my baby girl in the hands of those people. The van looked like something out of a horror was very sketchy.

My mom knew of a place in Houston but it was a first come/first serve basis. I knew I wouldn't be able to make the trip to Houston with work so I finally just broke down and took her to our vet in San Marcos. The reason I don't like going to our vet is because they always try and scam us into spending extra money and when we decline they make me feel like the worst puppy mother.

Her appointment was scheduled on a Friday that Clint and I both had off of work at 7:10am. Neither of us heard the alarm and I woke up frantically at 8:30am and had Clint call the vet to see if we could still bring her in. I was secretly hoping they couldn't get us in because I was nervous about her getting surgery when she is so small (she is only 5 lbs!). The vet said it was okay so Clint drove her to the vet. And sure enough within 10 minutes of Clint being there he called me to say that they wanted to pull 3 of her teeth, do a laser surgery instead of with a scapel and install a micro-chip into her shoulder. I told him to tell them no way...she was already going to be in enough pain with the spaying, I did not want her to have pain in her mouth and shoulder too!

They called us around 10:30 to say that she was out of surgery and recovering fine and we could pick her up at 12:30. When we arrived at the vet they warned us that Belle was going to be extremely out of it because of the pain killers and morphine.

As soon as Belle came in the room I could tell she was relieved to see us. The vet told us that when she woke up after surgery she wouldn't stop crying:( It's because every time she wakes up in the morning she is used to seeing Clint and I. This broke my heart! Even though we knew she was out of it we couldn't stop laughing because of how BIG Belle's eyes were. I swear her eyes were twice the normal size! She was not her usual chipper self and only wanted to lay in our arms on the way home.

Isn't she pitiful but precious!?

We set up her "recovery" room in our bathroom and made sure she was comfortable in her bed with an extra blanket, her favorite toys and some water.

She slept all day and night but was back to her normal self the next day!

I am so proud of my brave little girl! :)

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