Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Surprise! I love you

What a great day this has been! And I am especially looking forward to this weekend for 2 reasons:

First, HARRY POTTER COMES OUT ON FRIDAY!! Clint and I are obviously going to the midnight premiere Thursday and could not be more excited. We bought our tickets like a month ago, so we are ready to go!

Second my brother might come stay with me this weekend! I love when he comes to visit because I always make sure to have fun things planned for us to do. I know he loves spending time with Clint more than me but thats okay, I know he loves me more ;)

So today I got a wild hair and decided that I wanted to buy Clint some "Surprise I love you" presents. We do this sometimes as a way of showing our love. One of our love languages is definitely recieving gifts. I love the suspense as he is opening up something I gave him that I KNOW he will love. Today was no different.

Clint is a born cook. He is a whiz in the kitchen and loves trying out new recipies and creating his own unique meals. Our favorite shows to watch together are anything that includes Bobby Flay or Guy Fieri. Our absolute favorite show is "Throwdown with Bobby Flay". We could sit infront of the TV for hours watching him challenge cooks across the US in a throwdown.

So my first surprise I love you gift to Clint was something he has been wanting for a long time.....

A knife block! Haha it may not seem like much to you, but his eyes lit up like crazy as he opened them up. I KNEW I did a great job :)

Look how happy he is!

My next gift was also another winner...

A new golf bag! I found this pretty thing on Craigslist for practically FREE and it was brand-new! I guess the guy was in desperate need of cash. Clint looked like a little kid on Christmas morning changing out his golf clubs from his old bag to his new one.

Needless to say Clint had a great day, but I was just as happy as him because I honestly love GIVING presents to people I love. Don't get me wrong, I love to recieve presents, I mean who doesn't? But I can never wait long enough for people to open gifts that I gave them.

I encourage you to give someone you love a "Surprise I love you" gift! To your parents, significant other or even your pet! It will make you feel all warm inside with love!.


  1. The final battle between HP and he who should not be named...

  2. I'm jealous about the golf bag...

  3. Bamm...Love those knifes!