Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Like Mother Like Daughter

Isn't it so funny when you see something your mom is doing and think "OMG I do that too!" My mom and I are most definitely twins in almost every way. We both laugh at almost anything, we love the same music..from Usher to Cher to the Spice Girls, and we love animals. Anyone who knows my mom knows that she is the biggest animal lover. I have always grown up with animals in our house, especially dogs, sometimes even having as many as 6 at one time! I used to not be that "into" taking care of them and usually would forget they were there. However, as I have gotten older I have developed such a soft heart for them.

Something that I think is really interesting about her and I is what food we are both obsessed with: FETA CHEESE! I know what you're thinking...ummmm what?

When my mom was pregnant with me she craved the Greek salad from Pappadeaux and ate one almost everyday. For as long as I can remember my mom and I are always ordering Greek salads with extra feta! We are lucky enough to have our favorite place to get these amazing salads from very close to our house. Since Pappadeaux is kind of far away from our house, we love to get some at Panera Bread! Just the other week we went on a mother/daughter date and ordered our signature dish. Check out that sea of yummy-ness!

Another thing I love about my mom is how much my friends love her too. I remember in high school all of my friends would ask her for advice and would love to sit and talk or hang out with her. She was everybody's second mom. I think that really speaks alot about her heart. She is such a wonderful person! And now seeing her with Clint makes me even more proud to have her in my life. It makes me so happy to hear how my mom talks about Clint and how wonderful of a man he is. It always warms my heart to hear of her talk about us together. I know that she is so proud of us and she is always looking out for us.

I feel so lucky to have a mother who is always looking out for me and would sacrifice her own happiness to do something for me. She is constantly opening up her heart with providing me anything and everything I could ever want. I am especially noticing it now that she is planning my wedding. She is sparing no expense even though I know how expensive weddings are. God has given me such an angel of a mother and I am so blessed to learn from her every day. I hope that when I become a mother that I can bring such joy and love to my children's lives and she has done to mine. She is the perfect role model and the bestest of friends.

I love you mom!

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