Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Cole!

Oh my goodness, today my precious little brother turns 18. I cannot believe it!!

Last night I had my parents send me some old pictures of Cole and I but since they are in the process of selling the house, most of the good ones were in boxes. They did find some that I will share :)

Here is my little munchkin on his first day of Kindergarten

I remember the day he was born so well. I was SOOO excited. Throughout my mom's pregnancy I told everyone that I was pregnant too because I wanted to be just like my mama. When my mom's water broke, I was sent to my uncle and aunt's house where I had to wait for my little brother to be born. I remember when my uncle got the call that we could go meet Cole! I made sure I looked my best and wore my favorite Power Rangers dress sparkly shoes. When I walked into the room my eyes lit up and I ran to my mom to see Cole. The first words out of my mouth were "Do the clothes fit?" I was more worried that the clothes we had bought him fit, who knows why haha. Then I told my mom, "Mom you forgot your pillow at home." She said that it was okay and introduced me to Cole and asked if we could keep him. I smiled and said "Yes!".

In honor of Cole I will share some cute facts about him:

*When Cole was little he HAD to have his hair combed to the side and every one of his shirts tucked in (just like my dad)
*He called my dad "Elmo" instead of "Dad" for about 2 years
*He used to tell people his name was "Cole Wayne" because he loved John Wayne
*When he was about 1-2 he slept with a doll named Junior. I had gotten the baby doll from Cracker Barrell and it was a doll dressed up in a white Christening gown. He decided he HAD to have it and I gave it to him. He put Junior in a camo shirt and slept with him every night. My parents still have it :)
*He had a speech problem when he was little and could not say his R's very well and it was hard for my parents to understand him. I, however understood him perfectly and took it upon myself to be his translator.
*Cole and I loved playing together when we were little- we would dress up in Halloween costumes almost every day and parade down our street.
*He is a diverse guy--he loves animals, pasta with alfredo sauce, rap music, shooting guns, horses, working  out, skateboarding, football, swimming, mudding, "Criminal Minds", "Dance Moms", pizza with no sauce, egg drop soup and making people laugh.

He is my favorite person in the world. I am so thankful for our relationship. We talk frequently and have always enjoyed being around each other (even when we were little). We have ALWAYS been close and I have loved watching him grow up into the most handsome, funny, smart and loving man.



  1. Perfect post! The Halloween costumes were always a joy to drive by and see. I loved having my little munchkins living right down the street. Such good times!

  2. Awesome Post! Both of you make your Mom and I very proud. Love you, Both!!!