Sunday, February 12, 2012

Personality Test

Yesterday my dad sent me a link to take a personality test that tells you what career path you should take. I've taken tests like these before for fun but my dad was really excited about this particular one because he said it nailed him perfectly.

After you answer the questions it tells you your personality in the form of four letters. I am an ESTJ, aka "The Guardian". The letters stand for:


My career paths should be:

-Military leader
-Business Administration and Managers
-Police/Detective work
-Financial officers (no way...)
:) YAY!
-Sales Representative

ESTJ people are natural born leaders, very loyal, driven, honest, loving and passionate.

Something cool is my dad and I are almost the same one! My dad is an ISTJ. The only difference is he is introverted and I am extraverted. Which is so funny because I have always thought my dad and I are so similar except he is shy and I am not. I definitely get my out-goingness from my mama!

We are two peas in a pod :)

So take the test! It is pretty awesome. Here is the website! I can't get the link to work so you will have to copy & paste it into the toolbar.

have fun!

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  1. Both of MY personalities are the same. LOL