Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Year Ago Today...

We got engaged!!!

I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by. I guess when you are a full-time college student and planning a wedding at the same time, time flies.

Clint and I's engagement was so romantic and special. Clint did such an amazing job planning it and it turned out perfect.

Here is the story:

Last January I went on a ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado with Clint's family. Harmful right? Little did I know that as soon as his family told us about the trip a couple months before Clint had been planning on proposing to me during the trip. He chose the unique date of 1-11-11. :)

After five days of skiing and enjoying the city, Clint told me he was going to take me ice-skating. I had been wanting to do a fun winter activity and ice-skating sounded perfect. He then told me that we were going to be picked up by a car service so we wouldn't have to walk in the -5 degree temps outside. I was super excited.

So the car picks us up and the driver is this older man who was one of the sweetest guys I have ever met. We chatted with him the entire ride about Colorado and his family. After almost 20 minutes in the car I asked Clint where this place was. He said it's a little farther out but not to worry because this place was the best.

The driver's phone rang and he said "Good Times Nordic Sleigh Rides this is Gus". I looked over at Clint and he smiled and said "Surprise! We are going on a sleigh ride!".
**Clint was secretly heart broken that Gus spilled the beans by answering his phone. He kept apologizing to Clint lol

So we arrived at the sleigh ride place and I was sooooo excited. We met with our driver and horse named Clyde and took a picture with him. We snuggled under a blanket and took in all the sites.

After about 15 minutes the driver stopped at a beautiful lookout and told us she needed to give Clyde a little rest if we wanted to walk around.

Clint and I walked down a gorgeous trail in the snow and little did I know that my life was about to change...

I remember that as we were walking Clint kept randomly stopping and would hug me and then we would keep walking. He seemed nervous which is really unusual for Clint so in my mind I was thinking "What the heck is his deal?"

The next part is kind of a blur, I wish I could remember every single word Clint said to me but I can't. I remember him saying that I was his best friend and how he loved me so much and knew from day 1 we would be together forever. He dropped down on one knee and took my hand and said "Will you marry me?" (I am tearing up as I write this, ahh I love that man!) I of course said YES! I didn't even notice that there was no ring yet, I was just so happy. He then stood up and pulled out a leather string and said "Your ring is stuck in a snow-storm in Georgia but it will be here in a couple days and it is gorgeous". I started to cry because that leather string had just become one of the most special things I will ever recieve. I didn't care that there wasn't a ring, my heart was so full of love for the person standing in front of me that nothing else mattered. We kissed and hugged for so long until we went back and told Clyde the good news!

The sweet driver took our picture standing in front of "our" trail. Do you see the snow on Clint's knee from proposing :)

Here is that special leather band...

And of course here is the trail we walked down and got engaged!

The next day after skiing Clint and I built a snowman and named him "Clyde" after the horse and put our engagement date by him.

The day we left Colorado I went to breakfast with Clint's parents and Clint met up with us. When we got back to our condo we took another walk (this time I knew what was gonna happen) and he dropped down on one knee and said "Will you marry me?" and opened up the a small box with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. My mouth dropped and I could not believe this ring was mine! What is even more special is Clint designed this ring from scratch all by himself. It is custom made and there is not one ring out there that will match it. The diamond in the center is almost 100 years old! I loved everythingn about it. I said YES again and a couple random people by us started clapping. (Little did they know we had already been engaged for a couple days, but we milked it and gave them a show!)

How lucky am I that I got proposed to twice in the same trip, by the same perfect man, got two engagement rings and said yes twice! I am so blessed :)

I love you so much Clint. Thank you for giving me the most romantic day of our lives!

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