Friday, January 6, 2012

Flower Girl Dress

I am so excited that I have found the perfect dress for my three darling flower girls! It is so cute they will probably "up-stage" me but I don't care, I had so much fun searching for a dress and Nina found this one yesterday and as soon as I saw it I knew it was the perfect fit.

I initially wanted to go with an ivory dress with a black sash but after I thought about it for awhile it seems that is what EVERY flower girl dress looks like. My girls are going to make a statement in this dress! Thank you so much Nina for finding it! <3

All three of them are going to look so precious in it :) I love each of my little girls so much.

Amelia is the youngest and I have known her since she was born (a whole year!) but I've been besties with her mom since we were SIX. Her mama, Nina, is a bridesmaid and has been my rock lately! Amelia is the most mature one year old I have ever seen. She never cries, she just always smiles and giggles. I love her like my own and have about 100 pictures of her on my phone!

Addison and Chanie are sisters and their mom, Amanda, is Clint's cousin and one of the coolest and most beautiful people I know. When I visited them in Arkansas I was blown away by these two cuties. Addison reminds me of myself when I was a little girl from her look to her personality. She is HILARIOUS. She was making everyone laugh the entire trip and I love her!
Chanie has the most beautiful eyes you will ever see. They are so blue and I am so jealous! I think Chanie looks like Clint in a way when he was a baby with her blonde hair and blue eyes. Chanie is like Amelia and is always smiling. She has the most precious dimples. I can't wait to see these girls again when I go to Arkansas next week!

It feels so good to get another thing crossed off my wedding to-do list! Everything is coming together and I am SO ready for July 21st when I get to be Mrs. Clint Carr!


  1. What darling girls! And I love that dress! Where ever did you find such a beauty?

  2. First of all, I loveeee the name Chanie, why didn't I think of that first? And glad I stumbled across that little gem on the good ol' world wide web. Did you look at the links for shoes? Apparently a white stiletto, regardless of the site, does NOT come cheap. sigh.

    1. Y'all have fun in your stilleto's while I'm meowing in my kitten heels! Totally kidding. It'll be nice to see eye to eye with you ladies for a day.

      The FG dresses are darling, Chels. Good find Nina! I promise I won't be jealous of these flower girl dresses like I was in your mom's wedding. :o}

      I'm getting more and more excited. The day is swiftly approaching. The bachelorette cruise....oh me, oh my!!!