Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Trip to the Dog Park

This evening Clint and I treated Bo and Belle to a nice little trip to the dog park. The San Marcos dog park isn't the best, but its still a lot of open space for our rascals to run around.

We waited until the sun set a little so it wasn't too hot outside. We have taken Bo to the dog park before, so we knew as soon as we let him off the leash he would run free. Belle on the other hand....decided she just wanted to stick close to us by the benches.

Our dogs could not be more opposite. Bo can barely contain his excitement when we get his leash out to take him outside and runs full speed when he is outside. We have to drag Belle to go outside and the only time she runs is to run back upstairs to our apartment. I think she thinks that she is a human instead of a dog haha.

When Bo was done sniffing out every single spot in the park, he decided he wanted to come and hang out with us. He is such a lover!

Look how sweet this picture is of Bo and I. I love my old man..(Bo is 11 years old! But he acts like he's 6 months old).

We finally got Belle to walk around a little bit by having her follow one of us. She is so tiny I love her!

After about an hour our stomachs were talking to us so we knew we were ready for dinner! Belle showed us again how she thinks she is human by refusing to sit in the back seat. She only likes to sit in the passenger or driver seat. Here she is sitting RIGHT next to me in my seat.

How can you not love that face?

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