Wednesday, August 17, 2011

'The Help' Movie Review

Woohoo its my first movie review! I am an avid movie watcher and HUGE movie buff. Whenever anyone asks "Who movie is so and so also in?" I can always answer the question. It's just my natural gift of useless knowledge:)

I am going to try and review a new movie that has come to theaters every week. That way you can read a review from a person you know before going and spending your $8-$9 on a movie! So here it goes, let's kick off my first batch of movie reviews with...The Help!

This movie was perfect from start to finish. From the cast, to the sets, to the script to the moving story that was told. I absolutely loved it!

It takes place in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1950's and tells the story of Skeeter who is a recent college graduate and dedicated writer. She is not like most girls her age, in the fact that she is not married and does not treat her African American maid like a second class citizen. An idea sparks in her mind about a novel idea that she believes can change the world. She wants to interview different maids and get their side of the story on what its like to work for their white misses.

The cast in The Help is so perfectly chosen and the acting done by these women is extraordinary. One of them HAS to get an Oscar for their amazing performances.

Skeeter is played by the lovly and hilarious Emma Stone.

Emma Stone deserves an Oscar for sure, but Abileen and Minny really stole the show.

Aibileen is played by Viola Davis and Minny is played by Octavia Spencer. You may remember Octavia from Dinner For Schmucks, she played the bird psychic!

Aibileen and Minny are the first maids Skeeter interviews and their hilarious and touching stories really bring Skeeter's book to life. The highlight of the movie is definitely one of Minny's stories about her ma'am Hilly. I won't give anything away because this part in the movie is well worth any price you pay:)!

All in all "The Help" is a beauifully written movie with a heart warming message about equality, compassion and love. I highly encourage everyone to go out and see this movie.

You will not be sorry!

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