Monday, August 15, 2011

Is That Dog Wearing Socks?

Who is watching the Texans vs. Jets game right now? We definitely are...Clint is a die hard Houston Texans fan and when a game is on we are not allowed to watch anything else lol. That's okay by me because I have grown to love the Texans (almost) as much as Clint. Currently Clint AND Belle are sporting some sweet Texans gear...GO TEXANS!

Speaking of Belle I have some big news to report....

...we think she is allergic to grass.

Our vet is highly concerned that she is allergic to grass and has told us she needs to be on presciption food for skin allergies. Also, for her to be more comfortable while walking outside we bought her dog socks. Oh yes, the exsist.

My sweet mother took me to PetSmart to purchase some "stylish" dog socks for my little girl. I wish all of ya'll could see them in person because they are truly a sight to see.

They are the tiniest things ever! She walks around pretty well with them, granted that Clint and I crack up everytime we put them on her. She looks like a school girl with knee-high socks on!

Yes, I love Glee!

Doesn't that picture make her look like an Octopus for some reason? Haha it looks like she has too many legs!

Well Clint and I are off to see The Help! I have heard so many wonderful things about this movie so I am really looking forward to seeing to come tomorrow!


  1. Look at all those arms and legs...