Monday, October 31, 2011

Wedding Bands

Did you miss me?

Today Clint and I went to several different jewelry places to try and find us each a wedding band.


Clint knew exactly what he was looking for: a thick, white gold plain band. And that is exactly what we found at James Avery. He found his absolute perfect ring and he is really excited about it, and so am I! :) I loved the way he looks in a wedding ring and I cannot wait until he gets to wear it everyday...."foooorEVVVVER".

Click this if you don't get my "foooorEVVVVER" reference

So the wedding band I had in mind was kind of the same concept. Just a very delicate, white gold, plain band like my home girl Kate Middleton has. The thing is, when I tried it on it did nothing for me.

The next one I tried on was a wedding band that matched my band almost perfectly!

The third option was actually two bands that you put your engagement ring in the middle of. They then fuse all three bands together to make an entirely different ring. The result was a lot of bling! In the picture there are spaces between the bands, but if I end up choosing this one they will all be one.

I honestly have no idea which one to get. It really is a tough decision and I want to make sure I absolutely love it. Maybe its me being overly emotional but I don't like the fact that on the 3rd one I can never have my original ring back. The ring Clint got down on a knee with in the snow...I don't want to have a "new" ring. Is that weird?

Clint's favorite is the 2nd one but it's still up in the air!

Which one do you think looks the best?


  1. obviously I like the blingy because its identical to mine hahah BUT I recommend you not getting them permanently attached...I ALWAYS wear just my band and like to mix it up with other rings or bands. Remember cheech, one day you will have babies and can't wear that rock at all times ;)

  2. I'm with Nina on this one. Goooooo #3 the blingier the better in my opinion. Number 2 looks awkward in the picture. Number 1 is a definite HELL NO!

    Do not get them fused together. The spaces in between give it character.